Thursday, September 09, 2010

Death Spiral

My dog is doing something called blowing his coat, which is not as kinky and weird as it sounds. It means he goes from being a fluffy double coated Akita to being an Akita with just an outer coat in preparation for winter. Of course he needs his fluffy inner coat for winter; I guess it's like getting your period where you slough off your uterine lining to prepare for a fresh one. In the spring he blows his coat to prepare for summer, so he doesn't die of heat.

So what does this mean? Well for one thing it means I have to sweep the sun room every five minutes as the floor turns white pretty quickly. It also means a lot of vacuuming and a backyard that looks like the grass is mutating into something else.

It also means that between the coat and the ragweed my asthma is in overdrive and I'm having to use my nebulizer a lot. Which also means my hands shake all the time. Which makes typing even simple sentences a pain. Should it really take fifteen tries to type one word and an exclamation mark? Apparently it should.

If you're still having a hard time imagining what this is like imagine this. Mal's sides look like mice have been chewing on them and if you grab the loose chunks they come off in your hand. You'll end up with a fistful of fluff and another couple of bags worth waiting to be removed. It's interesting...



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