Thursday, October 14, 2010

Poor Puppy

My new house was originally built to accomodate an extended family. As a result there are two wings of the house (it's like the TARDIS, bigger on the inside) and we keep the cats on one side and the dog on the other. Sometimes Captain Jack, the six month old kitten, comes over to play with Mal, my Akita, but that usually only lasts a few hours before Captain Jack wants some peace and quiet.

They were playing together for a bit then Captain Jack retired for the night. About half an hour later Mal got very agitated, racing back and forth from my room to the door where the cats live, which is next to the front door. He was making a funny noise, not really a growl or a bark, and didn't seem to want anything from me. Finally he grabbed his red rubber bone and carried it off, dropping it next to the cat door.

Okay, I thought. He's trying to give it to the kitty. That's nice considering he hates it when the cat touches his tennis balls. Then the phone rang and it was Cullen telling me he was locked out and could I come and unlock the door. Apparently the bone wasn't for the cat at all. It was for Cullen.

Then Cullen and a couple of his friends went downstairs to eat pizza and play Halo Reach, leaving Mal upstairs. We just bought a baby gate to keep him from going downstairs (where he was getting into the kitchen trash) and he hates it. He thinks he's the only one not invited to the party and is pacing back and forth whining. Of course I'm no good to him. Since I telecommute and home during the day I'm not as interesting as though who are gone all day. He takes me for granted. Poor guy.



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