Monday, September 22, 2008


Two of our rats have tumors. Delirium, my little tan hooded rat has two. The first one that showed up is growing very quickly and is about a third of the size of her torso now. She doesn't seem to care yet. She's chipper and keeping her weight up. She jumps around and climbs just like always.

Mass Hysteria, Cam's albino, has one that hasn't grown much at all, thankfully. Master Chef and the rat with the changing name are both doing fine with no signs of anything.

I can't help being depressed. I don't think the girls are even a year old yet. I think it was winter when we got them. Their dad was five, a fantastic age for a rat and I was hoping they would take after his side of the family.

I'm trying to concentrate on the fact that so far they all seem to feel fine but it's hard.



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