Friday, December 26, 2008

A little bit better

We're all a little bit better. Coughing like mad but no so much with the sore throats or the other annoying parts of an URI. I spent most of yesterday in bed watching the Start Trek the Next Generation marathon and swigging cough medicine while the boys went to go and visit various friends. We never did get around to having an actual Christmas dinner. Maybe tomorrow if we continue to feel a little better each day.

The most important thing I need to remember is no laughing as that causes massive coughing fits that end badly. I guess I'll trudge off to the doctor on Monday if I'm still hacking away.

I'm still having loads of trouble with the book I started a few months ago. I'm near the end and am in that slump that happens to a lot of writers as they get about three quarters of the way through. Is this book really worth finishing? Maybe I should work on this shiny new idea instead... It's frustrating and I'm hardly writing at all. Maybe five hundred words a day all told. Ugh. I'll be very happy when I finish the first draft and can set it aside for a bit.



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