Thursday, January 22, 2009

Open letter to Senator Pipkin

(And yes, I did email it to him.)

Dear Senator Pipkin,

I was very surprised to hear your comments regarding refurbishment of Medevac helicopters on WBFF today. I don't understand how refurbishing 20-year-old helicopters is an option when you state you are concerned about safety. When equipment is so old and worn that it causes deaths is refurbishing really a rational choice? Doesn't replacement make more sense?

I realize that times are tough all over but my very best friend's life was saved when he had a heart attack and was taken by helicopter to a renowned cardiac hospital.

I would be more than happy to pay my fair share of the forty million dollar price tag. I see that about five and a half million people were living in Maryland in 2006. There are three people living in our household so our portion should come out to about twenty-five dollars. I would be delighted to send a check to the helicopter fund to ensure that this much needed sector of the fantastic medical care Maryland offers continues to function.

While it is extremely sad that four people died in the crash last year I think we also need to focus on the thousands of lives that have been saved by the Medevac system, and the gratitude their friends and families feel. Can we really put a price on that?


Georgiana Lee


At 8:45 PM, Blogger Georgiana said...

A staff member of the senator's wrote back to me to say that safety is the senator's first concern and that many large orgs use refurbished helicopters. She said that refurbishing involves stripping the helicopter down to its skeleton and installing new everything, but I'm really convinced. How do you refurbish for 450,000 when the price for new is four million? I don't think a helicopter skeleton costs millions does it?

Also if I do a Google search on safety refurbished helicopter I find an awful lot of stories about crashes. That's not happymaking.

I do appreciate his office getting back to me.


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