Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh what a crazy cat

When Titan was still alive I wasn't sure who it was that loved to drag things into the litter box, often crazy things, like a bottle of water, I mean what cat has the tools to do that? It could have been Titan or it could have been George, Chris' ginger cat. Now that Titan is dead and George's anxiety is amped up it's obvious that it's George.

Yesterday I spilled some water on some clean launder and had to hang it up to dry in the bathroom. I went in there around four in the morning and there was George, balanced on the side of the tub, meowing like mad as he tried to claw the clothes down from the bar so he could put it in his litter box.

Then he got hold of a roll of paper towels, which wasn't even anywhere near his box, dragged it into the bathroom, unrolled it and gently laid the paper towels across his box in a very neat pattern. I guess he's an artist like his owner.



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