Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some Random Stuff to Read

I have a few things for you to read. It's hard to tell which one is the best. This one definitely vies for top spot. It's about thousands of dolphins driving off some pirates. No, really, I kid you not. Here's my favorite quote:

The pirates could only lament their littleness befor the vast number of dolphins. The spectacular scene continued for a while.

Hard to top, right?

But then this piece about giant flesh-eating spiders from the future is quite awesome. Even just the title is curiously pleasing.

2060: Humvee-sized, bulletproof meat-eating spiders attack
That's not all though. How about a story about feuding undertakers? Again I'll just give you the headline:

Funeral director stole hearse keys from rival company

Undertakers had to hot-wire Rolls-Royce to transport deceased to cemetery

It puts me in mind of one of the films up in the short animated category for the 2009 Oscars. You can reread my column about them here if you like.

That ought to keep you going for a bit.

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