Thursday, October 27, 2011

Am I Canadian?

I was filling out a survey for Harris Polls and was asked if I wanted to be entered in a sweepstake. Of course I said yes then it said:

According to Canadian laws, as a resident or citizen you are legally required to correctly answer a mathematical skill test in case you are selected as a winner of this sweepstakes. Please enter your answer to the test in the box below. [(5 plus 15) times 4] all divided by 5 equals:


I'm not a Canadian citizen but I did the math anyway.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Madly Busy

I'm taking three classes this semester and they're kind of killing me. I'm taking a sanitation class, which is for restaurant managers, an accounting class and an oral communications class. I'm kind of shocked by how much time they take up.

Of course part of the reason they take up so much time is because I get sidetracked. Like I just did my first speech and I got totally lost in research, spending about five hours looking up my strongman ancestors and the magicians who taught me close up magic when I was a little girl. None of that was really needed for the speech, but I kept finding interesting tidbit after tidbit.

Mal, my Akita, has had a cough ever since I adopted him in June of last year. We've treated him with antibiotics, steroids, lungworm medicine and something else that escapes me.

His cough is intermittent, showing up every few days, so not that troubling, but he went into acute respiratory distress last week so I'm stepping up his treatment.

We're going to get some x-rays, which involve sedating him (he weighs eighty pounds and doesn't like to be messed with, although he's usually pretty good lying still enough for radiographs is kind of out of the question.) While he's sedated our vet will be able to get some samples from his trachea and hopefully we'll come up with a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan.

In general he's bouncy, bright eyed and literally bushy tailed. His heart and lungs sound great and he's got loads of energy, racing around outside like a mad thing, especially now that the weather is cooling off.

This cough is just baffling. And I reckon it's going to be expensive.


Sunday, October 02, 2011

Tucker & Dale Vs Evil (2011) - Redband Trailer [HD]

I love this idea. This looks hilarious.