Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sport Sounds

I just realized why I think the bars are going to fall off when I see and hear gymnasts on the even parallel bars. The noise the bars make when they come down on them with all their weight is the same noise a bar of a jump makes when your horse taps it with its hooves. Then you have to hold your breath as you head towards the next jump, hoping the bar doesn't fall.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Teen Wolf the Movies

In the last couple of weeks I have rewatched Teen Wolf the movie, the one with Michael J. Fox, the new Teen Wolf series (season two which I find super confusing) and now Teen Wolf Too, the movie sequel starring Jason Bateman.

Teen Wolf Too gets one star on my tv system, which is possibly too generous. The character arc is the same as Teen Wolf - character is in school, is shitty at sports, likes a flashy dame who is "out of his league", pals around with a still beautiful but supposedly less attractive "girl next door", the turns into a werewolf. He becomes awesome at sports (basketball in the first film, boxing in the second), everyone loves him, the power goes to his head, he acts like an asshole, sleeps with the flashy dame, then eventually gets his act together and ends up rejecting his wolf half and getting together with the girl next door.

So it's essentially the same story done twice, but once super terribly. Now I wonder was Teen Wolf Too the first draft of Teen Wolf? The writers got feedback, made it better, made a fun film that is pretty silly and then a couple of years later made the original version, with a few changes? It kind of makes sense...


Saturday, July 07, 2012

Chinese University Games hurdler destroys everything in path, does not care

I don't think I understand this sport. Nobody seems upset by what looks like an extremely peculiar running style.

Queer Kids In America on the Behance Network

Queer Kids In America on the Behance Network

Gorgeous portraits of queer kids, some with personal statements. This is a terrific project.

Weightlifter dedicated to training lives on little money

This is a pretty good article about Sarah Robles, who is the US's best chance for an Olympic nedak in weightlifting. Unfortunately she doesn't have the endorsements or sponsorships some other athletes have and has trouble making ends meet.

Also troubling are the body and gender policing comments.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Obituary of the Count de La Rochefoucauld

Another badass who fought for the French Resistance has unfortunately passed away. Safecracker, spy, able to kill with the flat of his hand, the Count was an amazing man.